Downloadable West Campus Map
Downloadable West Campus Map
Oscar Robinson "Big O": Front
Bearcat: Front
Tricericopter: the Hope for the Obsolescence of War: Front
Castle of Air: Front
Ronald Walker Tower of Light: Front
Crystal Garden (A): Front
Crystal Garden (B): Front
Crystal Garden (C): Front
Skybird: Front
Forest Devil: Front
Herman Schneider: Front
Ethan and Violet (B)
Fields V: Front
Life Boats: Boats About Life (4)
Moire Pentagon: Left
Core Couple II: Front
Jezebel: Front
Mick and Mack: Front
Light Mast: Front
Female Bust: Front
Mrs.Miles Greenwood: Front
Flanking Eagles
Flanking Owls
Figura-Prima: Front
The Three Muses: Front
Chief Justice William Howard Taft: Front
Memorial Fountain to Clara Baur: Front
Corry Garage
The Best of All Possible Worlds: Front
Downloadable East Campus Map
Untitled: Front
Florence Nightinggale Bronze Bust: EDITED Front 3ft
Progression: Front
Super Twister: Front
An Ethical Life: Front
The Artist and His Model: Front
1/104Corry Garage
University of Cincinnati Public Art Tour
Floor sizen/a
Year Builtn/a